Very Special Gigs – @amandapalmer in Zürich and other things

This post will be in English, to make it more accessible to people who don’t know how to read German stuff, sorry. (I admit hoping for people outside Germany to read it) How shall I begin this, okay…. *trieshardtothinkabouthstuff* The general idea for this post is pretty old, from June and it was living in the back of my head for the last months, it matured and I think that I finally know what the general idea is and I hope that people out there get it. I’ll also try to keep it short, though this will be hard to achieve, but I’ll do my very best. The initial idea for this post was to write a review about the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter Show in Berlin, then I decided to add info about our special experience (I went there with Nina), then I wanted to tell how I disliked the Dresden Dolls when I was 20. Then I wanted to write about something very remarkable that happened in Zürich on another Amanda Palmer concert. Then I read today that Amanda will be canceling all concerts in 2013 because of her very very ill best friend Anthony. So now here I am trying to write about trivia and emotional stuff. I hope I can share my ideas and thoughts in a way that is somehow understandable to you, my readers. So, let’s finally start with the post and stop writing meta info. I’ll begin with a picture (ideal to distract people). It shows Jherek Bischoff, the guy playing base in the Grand Theft Orchestra and – that’s what I really think – musical genius. Make sure to check out his album “composed”. (you know how to use google, do you?!) Okay, now back to Berlin. I backed the new record, we went to the special art show that was exclusive to backers. We drove 600km, we were wasted afterwards but it was worth it – it was indie, it was thoughtfull, made with love – just überawesome! – some things caught my eye there. When we were having beer in the gallery (it was in the location called “Platoon” in Hipster-Berlin), Amanda was just sitting across the room, on the floor, nobody spoke to her – she had been around chatting with a lot of people before – and Nina mentioned it to me that it was one of the coolest things ever, that there was a famous person who we both actually see as a rolemodel for girls/women/everybody, just sitting there, enjoying a moment of peace and silence. It looked like it did not matter that the room was bustling with excitement, theat there would be music, a great support act (Prinzessin Hans) and the art exhibition and stuff. I really had the impression that there is someone “in balance” just being herself. So I thought “well, it’s a really good thing to be “in balance” with oneself. And I continued thinking about how I could be more “in peace[…]