I’m currently attending an inhouse seminar about the Java Persistence API (JPA) and Java Server Faces (JSF) that my company is doing for a group of programmers/consultants from one of our customers (it is actually a combination of two of our courses so we are not only doing fixed curriculae but also customized ones).

Yesterday, I did some excercise using JPA, mapping from a Derby Database to the object-oriented data model.

When I tried to model a bidirectional 1:1-relationship between two entities, I encountered a huge list of exceptions.

When I checked with our Trainer Roman, we did not find an error, we tried resetting everything and all thinkable things when he advised me jokingly that the exceptions could be the result of me doing the mapping at the get-/set-methods.

When I moved the annotations to the attributes, now using attribute-based mapping, everything worked just fine.

Discussing the problem, we think of it as a bug in my Eclipse-IDE (Eclipse 3.5 on Windows 7).

Did anyone else encounter a similar problem?