Developer & Speaker

I have started developing applications for Android and iOS back in 2010. Apps ranged from niche in-house applications for business to very popular apps for international media companies that are downloaded on millions of phones across Europe. In late 2014, when HockeyApp joined Microsoft, my work switched from developing apps to developing tools for app developers. I’ve moved to Seattle in 2015, working at Microsoft in Redmond on HockeyApp and Mobile Center, the future of HockeyApp.

Kind of accidentally, I started doing talks on various conferences back in 2010 and even started writing articles. This site gives an overview of past and present activities. I won’t publish a CV on this page but in case you’re interested, feel free to visit my profile on XING or LinkedIn. You can find me on Twitter as @elektrojunge.

If you want to find my the stuff online, you’ll have to look for Benjamin or Benny Reimold. 😉

Present & Future


May 23rd 2017, [Speaker] Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2017, “Mobile DevOps gegen Ungeziefer und für guten Schlaf”

July 13th 2017, [Speaker] Xcoders, Seattle, “Core-Value Observation”



February 23rd 2017, [SPEAKER] Xcoders, Redmond, “Core-Value Observation”


My first year in the US, there were no talks, articles or lectures.


2014-August 2015 [ORGANIZER] Mobile Maultaschen, Stuttgart, a monthly meet-up for mobile developers.

January-March 2015 [TEACHER] SAE Stuttgart, Stuttgart “Introduction to mobile app development”

February 6th 2015 [SPEAKER] Intuity Lab, Stuttgart “HockeyApp and the current state of mobile app development”

May 29th [SPEAKER] Mobile Testing Days, Berlin “Lieferhelden sollt ihr sein”


20th March 2014 [SPEAKER] SAE Stuttgart, Stuttgart, “Quo vadis argumentum mobile – morgen ist heute schon gestern”

2nd September 2014 [SPEAKER] Mobile Tech Con 2014, Berlin “Typographie To Go”

13th October 2014 [SPEAKER] SAE Alumni Conference, Berlin “Redacted – Living in the mobile space”

December 2014 [TEACHER] SAE Stuttgart, Stuttgart Workshop Mobile App Development


7th May 2013 [Speaker] Mobile Forum, Stuttgart “Tragbares Designsprech”

3-4th June 2013 [Speaker] iOS Dev Con, Berlin “Für gute UI in den Keller gehen”


26th-29th March 2012 [Developer Advisory Board Member] Mobile Technology Conference, Munich. I was responsible for the iOS-track together with Stephan Gillmeier and I was one of the judges of the “Mobile Tech Award 2012”.

4th September 2012 [Speaker] Mobile Tech Conference 2012, Frankfurt “$foo-Design for mobile Developers”

20th October 2012 [Speaker] iPhone Developer Conference 2012, Stuttgart “Designsprech – Designgrundlagen für (iOS – )EntwicklerInnen”

December 2012 [Author] Article in German magazine t3n: “Designpatterns für Tablets: So wird es was mit der schicken Tablet-App”


23rd – 27th January 2011 [SPEAKER] OOP Conference 2011 in Munich “Android Security – Device Management und Sicherheit”

28th January 2011 [SPEAKER] M-Days Frankfurt on the Developer Stage “Android Security – Device Management und Sicherheit”

29th March 2011 [SPEAKER] Mobile Technology Conference Spring Edition in Munich “Android Security – Device Management und Sicherheit”

30th March 2011 [SPEAKER] Mobile Technology Conference Spring Edition in Munich “Safety First – Android sicher programmieren!”

 3rd-4th June 2011 [ORGANIZER] Android DevCamp Stuttgart 2

7th July 2011 [SPEAKER] Java Forum Stuttgart in Stuttgart “Safety First – Android Sicher programmieren!”

June 2011 [AUTHOR] Android 360 Magazine 2.11 “Safety First – Android Sicher programmieren!”

June 2011 [AUTHOR] Android 360 Magazine 2.11 “Green IT”

July 2011 [AUTHOR] Mobile Developer Magazine – 2-page article about the Android DevCamp Stuttgart 2

13th-14th September 2011 [SPEAKER] Mobile Technology Conference Mayence “Why developing for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and the mobile Web all suck and why we STILL do it!”

19th November 2011 [SPEAKER/ORGANIZER] Google Developer Day 2011 in Berlin, Moderation & Organisation of the IGNITE!-Sessions

29th – 30th November 2011 [SPEAKER] iPhone DevCon 2011 in Cologne “Alles wird wie neu sein!”


18th-19th June 2010 [ORGANIZER] Android DevCamp Stuttgart 1 (then called “Droidcamp Stuttgart), an Android Barcamp organized by Stuttgart GTUG

18th June 2010 [SPEAKER] Android Workshop for Beginners during the Android DevCamp Stuttgart 1

1st July 2010 [SPEAKER] Java Forum Stuttgart 2010 in Stuttgart “Die Android Plattform – Java für unterwegs?!”

14th October 2010 [SPEAKER[ Mannheim Java Usergroup “Android Programming”

2nd November 2010 [ORGANIZER] Organization and moderation of the “Android Tech Talk” by the Stuttgart GTUG

7th-8th November 2010 [ORGANIZER] Moderation & basic help during the German GTUG Bootcamp around the Google Developer Day 2010 in Munich

9th November 2010 [AUTHOR] Article for the German website “” about the Google Developer Day 2010 in Munich