This is John Heartfield

I had coffee on the couch this morning and read a name (John Heartfield) in a tweet and remembered that I had read about him a long time ago and ended up reading his Wikipedia page and for some reason, I felt like I wanted to write some stream of consciousness (poetry?) and share some artwork and art with it.
Feel free to leave a comment about my words, the Wikipedia entry, his work, etc.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

A heart’s field.

Hearts are weird and funny and interesting creatures
Open and wide and inviting
Soft and warm and cosy
A room can light up when one enters it
Warm and soft to touch
Grieving, longing, loving, hating
Warmig and softening other hearts
They can be hard as steel, closed shut and impenetrable
Heartfelt greetings, hugs, condolences
Cold and cruel, wounding other hearts
The loneliest or the busiest of places
A field in which to grow love, passion, hate and a lot of or no fucks at all
My heart is a diamond
Hearts can be stolen, given, kept, shared
Have you ever eaten one?
Traveling with a light heart and a spring in one’s step
The Heartland of America, of democracy, of fear.
Fearful hearts are dangerous things

Wikipedia – John Heartfield

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